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Incorporated since 1983, our company first started out as Dafong Engineering & Trading Company before it was privatized to become Dafong Trading Pte Ltd.
Dafong Trading Pte Ltd was incorporated in 1983 and privatized in 1991 to become an importer, exporter, wholesale distributor, stockist and retailer of replacement spare parts and automotive lubricants for all makes of Japanese & Korean vehicles. Since then, we have established ourselves to be a One Integrated Hub for spare parts based in Singapore.

Vehicle Car Spare Parts Suppliers & Replacement Singapore

Other than our domestic market, we cater to the regional and international markets as well.

Our customer base spans from the neighbouring countries like Brunei, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Indonesia to far-away places such as Mauritius, Maldives, Seychelles, Fiji Islands and India.

Our associate company, Dafong Trading Ltd, has also been based in Papau New Guinea for the past 21 years.

Dafong Trading Pte Ltd carries a wide range of automotive parts from Engine, Chassis, Body to Electrical parts for distribution. However, we did not stop only at the distribution of quality auto parts, we also went on to develop our speciality brands of auto parts to meet the growing demand of consumers requiring quality parts at affordable prices.

Striving for greater growth is our company’s vision as we aim to engage only top-class manufacturers so as to provide a one-stop sourcing centre for new & existing customers.

With more than 30 years of automotive experience behind us and backed by a team of dedicated staffs, we deliver “peace of mind” and customers can be assured of the consistency of high quality parts being distributed. We are also confident that our competitive prices and reliable services will be able to exceed customers’ expectations.

Dafong Trading: The Pinnacle of Automotive Spare Parts Replacement in Singapore Greetings and salutations, esteemed individuals, and allow me to extend a warm welcome to the esteemed establishment known as Dafong Trading. Within these hallowed halls, we hold in the highest regard the state of your esteemed vehicle’s well-being, for it is our utmost priority. Should you find yourself diligently perusing the vast expanse of the internet in pursuit. As esteemed establishment, situated in the thriving city-state of Singapore, serves as a central nexus for the procurement of automotive spare components, specifically catering to Vehicle Spare Parts Replacement. Our primary objective is to meet and exceed your diverse requirements, guaranteeing the optimal performance and longevity of your esteemed automobile, regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. At Dafong Trading, we possess a profound comprehension that an automobile transcends its mere functional purpose as a means of conveyance. It serves as an extension of one’s individuality, a pivotal component of one’s quotidian regimen, and an emblem of personal autonomy. Hence, our relentless endeavour lies in ensuring optimal performance of your vehicle, akin to the pursuit of excellence that characterises your persona. Our offerings extend to vehicle spare parts, meaning we cater to customers in close proximity and provide efficient Vehicle Spare Parts Replacement in Singapore. The comprehensive array of spare parts within our inventory encompasses a wide spectrum of components. From those in search of “vehicle spare parts” to those seeking specific parts for their vehicle models, we offer a solution to all. Our inventory boasts an extensive assortment of high-caliber, long-lasting replacement components designed to cater to a diverse range of automotive models. Unparalleled excellence and exceptional worth At Dafong Trading, the embodiment of excellence transcends the mere notion of a characteristic; it assumes the form of an unwavering commitment. All of our components undergo meticulous testing and quality assurance protocols to guarantee their compliance with and surpassing of prevailing industry benchmarks. As a top provider for Vehicle Spare Parts Replacement, we ensure a prolonged lifespan for your esteemed vehicle through our durable, reliable, and efficient spare parts. Post-purchase Assistance However, it is imperative to acknowledge that the concept of quality does not entail any form of compromise on the intrinsic value of a given entity. In our capacity as a primary provider, we eliminate the intermediary in order to transmit cost reductions directly to our esteemed clientele. By engaging in business with Dafong Trading, rest assured that you shall be bestowed with spare parts of the utmost calibre, all the while benefiting from their commendably reasonable pricing structure within the confines of Singapore. In the event of an automotive malfunction, when one finds oneself in a predicament and embarks upon a quest for “vehicle spare parts near me,” the least desirable outcome is an intricate and convoluted acquisition procedure. That is precisely the juncture at which Dafong Trading assumes its pivotal role. Our digital emporium has been meticulously crafted to cater to your utmost convenience. One has the ability to peruse, juxtapose, and procure components from the solace of one’s abode, whereby said components shall be promptly transported to one’s threshold, facilitating swift Vehicle Spare Parts Replacement. Amidst the prevailing epoch of heightened environmental awareness, Dafong Trading takes great pride in its position as a vanguard of sustainable methodologies within our industry. We actively promote and facilitate the practise of recycling antiquated components, thereby mitigating the ecological ramifications associated with the upkeep of automobiles. Sustainability When it pertains to the replacement of automotive spare parts in Singapore, one’s search need not extend beyond the reputable establishment known as Dafong Trading. With our unparalleled commitment to excellence, exceptional value proposition, seamless user experience, and unparalleled accessibility, we stand poised to assist you in preserving the optimal condition of your esteemed automobile. Should you ever find yourself seeking “vehicle spare parts near me,” look no further than Dafong Trading for efficient and reliable Vehicle Spare Parts Replacement Singapore.